The Dunlin – Pure Latex Mattress

Our LatexNatura natural latex mattress will support your body instantly without allowing it to sink too deep. It is made from a natural rubber extract taken from trees, which is this is then cured to provide superior comfort and extreme durability

Perfect breathable but better than memory foam

Latex is not heat retentive and is naturally breathable. We use only the finest consistent natural Talalay latex. This moulds to your body like memory foam but because it works with pressure rather than heat it provides an instant bounce back ensuring a comfortable sleep surface. This ensures the heat transmitted from the body while sleeping dissipates rather than accumulates in the mattress.

Anti allergic properties

Latex has a luxurious and sumptuous feel, which when combined with its anti-allergy and anti-bacterial properties, makes this mattress the top choice for many users. Hand crafted in the UK by skilled craftsmen using the latest generation of advanced foam innovations for exceptional comfort and, more importantly, to ensure a healthy good night’s sleep.

Details of the Latex mattress

Beautifully finished with a 100% breathable cotton border, the LatexNatura has 16 air vents for excellent air circulation and temperature control while you sleep. It is perfectly manufactured with a luxurious soft knit Cashmere stretch fabric.

This mattress provides excellent spinal support using a unique pressure relieving memory foam and a new age foam foundation.

Comfort levels

This is a medium firm support mattress which is also available in a soft, medium or firm comfort rating. After much research, development and testing our experienced sleep doctor has rated this mattress as the ultimate in healthy sleeping. (contents below based on medium comfort rating. Adjustments in requested comfort may result in changing quantities of fillings)

Backpains and Joint pains

A spring less mattress is ideal for those with multiple joint pains and can help relieve tiredness so that you can feel, work and perform better. Hypoallergenic fillings and materials are used to compliment this excellent mattress.


  • Natural Latex
  • SilverswanⓇElectromagnetic Shield Technology (SEST)
  • Designed with orthopaedic pressure relieving properties
  • Memory foam hybrid to help ease arthritis aches
  • Luxurious soft knit Cashmere cover for comfort
  • 8 Flag stitched handles for easy handling
  • Responds instantly to your every movement while providing a no roll together surface
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite
  • Ideal for asthma sufferers
  • Self-ventilating
  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured for Silver Swan Beds


  • 2” Natural Talalay latex
  • 1” Memory foam
  • 7” New age open cell foam
  • Organic fabrics for a sumptuous feel
  • 2000 individual nested pocket springs


  • Single – 3´0 x 6´3
  • Small Double – 4´0 x 6´3
  • Double – 4´6 x 6´3
  • King – 5´0 x 6´6
  • Super King – 6´0 x 6´6

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