The Goldcrest – The ultimate memory foam mattress

Our Goldcrest Memory Foam mattress is a 4th generation memory foam mattress that will cradle your body for an all over independent support without tension on joints or pressure points and can provide the user with a cooler and thus better night’s sleep.

More breathable then other foam matresses

This mattress provides increased breathability, heat dissipation and spring like resilient support. Significantly quicker return to shape when pressure is released. Cool comfortable and a restful night’s sleep with comfort and support usually associated with pocket sprung mattresses. A superior mattress with sumptuous layers of memory foam on a supportive base of new age foam.

30 times greater air flow

Moulding to your body shape and weight while providing up to 30 times greater air flow than regular memory foam. Increased comfort with the dual layers of memory foam and additional benefits in increased blood circulation, pressure relief, spine alignment while reducing motion transfer.

Unlike regular memory foam our Goldcrest mattress reduces the usual increase of body heat and moisture whilst sleeping and so promotes quality sleep, reduced moisture build-up and heat dissipation from the body.

Optimal Spinal Support

Excellent spinal support is further increased with the addition of pressure relieving memory foam and new age foam foundations. This is the medium firm support mattress however it is available in medium soft or medium firm comfort ratings. After much research, development and testing our experienced sleep doctor has rated this mattress as ideal for active users. (contents below based on medium comfort rating. Adjustments in requested comfort may result in changing quantities of fillings)

Handcrafted in the UK

A spring less mattress is ideal for those with multiple joint pains and can help relieve tiredness so that you can feel, look, work and perform better. Hand crafted in the UK by skilled craftsmen using the latest generation of advance foam innovations for exceptional comfort and, more importantly, to ensure a healthy good night’s sleep.

Beautifully finished with a 100% breathable cotton border, 16 air vents for excellent air circulation and temperature control while you sleep with a luxurious soft knit Cashmere stretch fabric.

Hypoallergenic fillings and materials are used to compliment this excellent mattress.


  • Multi density memory foam
  • SilverswanⓇElectromagnetic Shield Technology (SEST)
  • 30 * greater airflow for a cooler sleep
  • Increased blood circulation and comfort
  • Designed with orthopaedic pressure relieving properties
  • Memory foam to help ease arthritic aches
  • High density and highly resilient for spring like support
  • Luxurious soft-knit Cashmere cover for comfort
  • 8 Flag stitched handles for easy handling and turning
  • No roll together
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite
  • Reduced motion transfer
  • Increased ventilation with 16 air vents
  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured for Silver Swan Beds


  • 2” High density 80 memory foam
  • 1” Memory foam
  • 7” New age open cell foam

Organic fabrics for a sumptuous feel


  • Single – 3´0 x 6´3
  • Small Double – 4´0 x 6´3
  • Double – 4´6 x 6´3
  • King – 5´0 x 6´6
  • Super King – 6´0 x 6´6

This mattress is available in various bedshops or online on