The Hawfinch Horsehair Mattress

The Hawfinch Horsehair Mattress is our ultimate mattress for natural comfort and support. The masterful combination of 2000 individually nested pocket springs and a customised blend of the finest natural fillings provide the perfect recipe for peace, serenity and most importantly a restful night’s sleep.

What is in the Hawfinch Mattress

Luxurious mattress with an exclusive blend of fillings including horsehair, wool, cashmere, silver and horsetail provide a naturally supportive feel.

What is the comfort level

This mattress is a medium firm comfort and feel. Unlike majority of its competition the Stallion 2000 leaps ahead of its rivals by offering a dual side turn mattress. This not only increases the longevity of the mattress but also ensures an even wear for continued long term comfort and support.

The pocket spring in the Hawfinch mattress

Therefore, we use a single layer of pocket springs rather than a multi-layer. The best count for a single layer is 2000 springs. After extensive research by our development and design team we established the higher count multi-layer pocket spring units do not actually provide the user with a benefit on support. As the smaller diameter springs needed to increase the pocket count decreases the tension, firmness and support. Possibly also the longevity of the mattress as the multi count unit predominantly makes it a one-sided mattress only.

A mattress that will be appreciated by back pain sufferers as is designed with an orthopaedic pressure relief system for back, spine, neck, hip and shoulders. Allergy sufferers will also benefit with the anti-allergy fillings and materials used. The finest fillings ensure a relaxing and sumptuous sleep surface.

Handcrafted in the UK

Hand crafted by skilled craftsmen using traditional stitching and tufting methods. Beautifully finished with an anti-allergy breathable Cashmere soft knit stretch fabric.

8 flag stitched handles provide ease to turn the mattress while the air vents allow excellent circulation while you sleep.

The customised fillings were chosen to allow the mattress to be temperature sensitive providing a cooler feel in summer and warmth in winter. The choice of horsetail and horsehair are to provide durability and a natural resilient spring. Wool and cashmere chosen for softness, comfort and breathable properties.


  • High spring count to provide a tailored support for your body shape and weight
  • SilverswanⓇElectromagnetic Shield Technology (SEST)
  • Designed with orthopaedic pressure relieving properties
  • No roll together
  • Responsive springs for contoured support
  • Luxurious blend of fillings for comfort all year round
  • Sumptuous organic fabrics
  • Dual side turn mattress for longevity
  • Flag stitched handles for easy handling
  • 16 Air vents provide excellent air circulation into the fillings (8 on 3ft single)
  • Anti-Allergy
  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured for Silver Swan Beds


  • 2000 GSM of sterilised natural horsehair and wool (dual side)
  • 2000 GSM natural havibond wool pad for support and durability (dual side)
  • 300 GSM Wool, Cashmere and PA Silver for ultimate comfort (dual side)
  • 2000 individual pocket springs for excellent tailored support
  • Organic fabrics for a sumptuous feel


  • Single – 3´0 x 6´3
  • Small Double – 4´0 x 6´3
  • Double – 4´6 x 6´3
  • King – 5´0 x 6´6
  • Super King – 6´0 x 6´6

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