The Peregrine Pillow Top Mattress

Peregrine – Pillow Top is a highly advanced, desirable and engineered mattress. The masterful combination of 2000 individually nested pocket springs combined with an exclusive foam filled pillow top results in a superior comfort, support and restful nights sleep.

Difference between the available pillow top mattresses

This is the firm support mattress however it is available in medium soft or medium firm comfort ratings. Unlike majority of its competition the Peregrine – Pillow Top leaps ahead of its rivals by offering a multi-zone layer system providing head to toe pressure relief.

It uses a single layer of pocket springs rather than a multi layer. The best count for a single layer is 2000 springs. After extensive research by our development and design team we established the higher count multi layer pocket spring units do not actually provide the user with a benefit on support. As the smaller diameter springs needed to increase the pocket count decreases the tension, firmness and support.

Back pain and pressure relief features

The feeling of the foam pillow top pushing back against your pressure points makes this mattress hugely popular with back pain sufferers as is designed with an orthopaedic pressure relief system for back, spine, neck, hip and shoulders. Allergy sufferers will also benefit with the anti allergy fillings and materials used.

Excellent spinal support further increased with the addition of pressure relieving high density orthopaedic foam and deep foam foundations, without the build up of heat and immediate bounce back support when changing sleep positions.

Hancrafted in the UK

Hand manufactured by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality fabrics and fillings. Allowing a hypoallergenic sleep surface with freshness provided from temperature control fillings.

8 flag stitched handles provide ease to turn the mattress while the 16 air vents allow excellent circulation while you sleep.

The benefits of a pillow top / combination mattress extend to a single or double user of the mattress. Complete individual tailored support, no roll together, unrivalled cushioning to increase comfort and a reduced bounce feeling from the springs. A non tufted top surface for greater spinal alignment.


  • High spring count to provide a tailored support for your body shape and weight
  • SilverswanⓇElectromagnetic Shield Technology (SEST)
  • Designed with orthopaedic pressure relieving properties
  • No roll together
  • Responsive springs for contoured support
  • Luxurious pillow top combination mattress
  • Unrivalled cushioning
  • Sumptuous organic fabrics
  • No return, rotate only mattress
  • Flag stitched handles for easy handling
  • Anti Allergy
  • Hand made in the UK
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured for Silver Swan Beds


  • 3 inch high density orthopaedic  foam comfort layer pillow top
  • 3 inch deep foundation base foam
  • 2000 individual pocket springs for excellent tailored support
  • Organic fabrics for a sumptuous feel


  • Single – 3´0 x 6´3
  • Small Double – 4´0 x 6´3
  • Double – 4´6 x 6´3
  • King – 5´0 x 6´6
  • Super King – 6´0 x 6´6

This mattress is available in various bedshops or online on